Лайм ФХ Review year Pros & Cons Revealed

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Лайм ФХ Review year Pros & Cons Revealed

is Лайм ФХ an ecn broker

To better understand the Лайм ФХ trading platform, you can create two separate accounts – one with real money and the other a Лайм ФХ demo account. A Лайм ФХ demo account provides a risk-free environment for experimenting with the Лайм ФХ platform’s features and trading strategies before risking your actual funds. This approach can help you gain experience and confidence in Лайм ФХ trading decisions. When you are using high leverage, if something goes wrong and your position is not successful, you are in great danger of losing a lot of money. In some cases, people have lost more money than they even had on their trading accounts. Лайм ФХ review shows that this broker offers negative balance protection.

Лайм ФХ has a reputation for efficient and reliable fund transfers, and they take great care to ensure that your money is safe and secure. When you submit a withdrawal request, Лайм ФХ will verify your account details and process the payment within the stipulated timeframe, usually within a few business days. By partnering with a trustworthy broker like Лайм ФХ, you can enjoy peace of mind and focus on your trading activities without worrying about the safety of your funds. If Лайм ФХ violate any regulatory rules their regulated status could be stripped.

Unlike regulators such as the FCA and ASIC, the IFSC has gained a reputation for being less stringent with regard to the regulation of financial services providers. However, it does require that brokers keep client funds in segregated accounts and that brokers issue monthly statements to the IFSC. In partnership with Claws and Horns, a respected market news aggregator and publisher, https://limefx.biz/ Лайм ФХ provides a constant stream of news that impacts the markets. While the main focus is on geopolitical events and macroeconomic movements, there is some reporting on technical analysis – mainly from large banks and other financial institutions. With new stories every few minutes, 24/5, this is an excellent resource for traders using all types of strategies.

You can do this by providing a copy of your ID and a copy of your most recent Utility Bill. Once the documents are uploaded and verified, you can go ahead and fund your account. TradingCenter provides essential information and tools for learning and trading the Global Financial Markets. TradingCenter helps investors to improve their skills and their level of understanding regarding core mechanisms of the trading process. Лайм ФХ offer a wide asset index including several Forex pairs and cryptocurrencies. You will have to provide general information about yourself just like you would have to with any other broker.

The MT5 platform does not allow hedging, and lacks backward capability making it less popular than the MT4 platform. Though this platform has been promoted as an upgrade to the MT5 family, it isn’t the case yet. Check out the huge range of tradable securities offered by Interactive Brokers. In this case, the leverage can either dramatically increase your profits, or you could be left with a huge debt.

Лайм ФХ Fees

MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal offers traders an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard to manage and monitor multiple trading accounts. This powerful tool allows traders to oversee over 128 accounts simultaneously, enabling them to place market and pending orders, view real-time market prices, and track all accounts and equity in real-time. It’s essential to note that the trading instruments offered under the Лайм ФХ brand may vary depending on the customer account holder and country of residence due to regulatory restrictions. Besides, the trading platform the customer selects may also impact the available trading instruments.

is Лайм ФХ an ecn broker

Лайм ФХ also offer mobile apps for Android and iOS trading apps help you stay on top of your trades and execute them on the go. Лайм ФХ is one of the few brokers that offer both of the MetaTrader platforms; MT4 and MT5. To see how the two platforms compare, you can read our comparison of MT4 vs MT5 here. When considering Лайм ФХ for your trading activities, its financial regulatory status in your region is crucial. One of the primary considerations when evaluating a broker, such as Лайм ФХ, is to assess the broker’s regulatory status and administrative body. Brokers operating without supervision from a regulatory authority are free to make their own rules, which may pose a risk to investors.

However, remember that you won’t be able to make trades on Лайм ФХ until you have passed compliance, which may take several days, depending on your circumstances. It’s essential to complete the Лайм ФХ KYC compliance process as soon as possible to avoid any delays in accessing the Лайм ФХ platform’s features. Stop-loss orders are especially important for Лайм ФХ traders not hedging their positions or using leverage, as they can be more vulnerable to significant losses. However, the circumstances in which an Лайм ФХ trader should use a stop-loss order can vary depending on the specific trade and market conditions. Even if an Лайм ФХ trader experiences a significant loss, they will never owe more money than what is available in their Лайм ФХ account balance.

These are live financial markets, and historical trading success does not guarantee future success. Let’s explore each of these trading platforms in detail and what options Лайм ФХ gives you. Reviewing deposit fees before initiating a transaction is imperative, as certain brokers might impose a charge for depositing funds from your payment method to your trading account. The payment method employed for funding your account might also incur a fee.

Each CopyFX trader charges differing fees, usually a % of any profit they make you. Also, CopyFX traders have a minimum deposit requirement that you must meet to copy their trades. Лайм ФХ partnering with Tier 1 banks offers reliability, efficient payment processing, reduced counterparty risks, and better protection for client funds. These banks are the most financially stable and secure institutions globally, with robust financial strength and high-quality risk management practices. They hold substantial core capital reserves, making them capable of handling unexpected losses and market volatility without endangering their Лайм ФХ clients’ funds. As a result, selecting the right trading platform like Лайм ФХ requires a deep understanding of the market, trading strategies, and platform functionality.

Лайм ФХ Business Model

Mark was previously of the Kiel Insitute and has worked with financial organisations across Europe,

Australia, South East Asia, South Africa and the Middle East. Mark has over 15 years of experience in financial analysis, forecasting,

and financial modelling, identifying new market opportunities in Stocks, CFDs, Forex and Commodities. Stocks, currency and other commodities and instruments will be brought or sold by Лайм ФХ even if no buyer or seller is lined up. Withdrawing money from Лайм ФХ processing time varies depending on the method but averages 1-5 days.

  • The newer version of the MetaTrader platform suite, MT5 is being adopted by more traders all the time.
  • Лайм ФХ provides traders with in-house analytics, but it established itself with automated solutions at the core.
  • Лайм ФХ provides a demo account that enables individuals to explore trading before investing their funds.
  • The broker cannot manipulate prices since the information is disseminated widely.
  • Participation in such actions gives the chance to a beginning trader to increase his initial deposit.

Yes, Лайм ФХ offers Islamic accounts which are compliant with Sharia law and are Swap-Free accounts. Лайм ФХ Prime account doesn’t have any restriction over the number of opened positions and the maximum order volume allowed is 500 lots. This account is known as an ideal home for long-term experienced professionals. So if you adhere to using high leverage levels with the purpose to maximize your gains, Лайм ФХ definitely will assist you. Лайм ФХ is a regulated broker by the FSC license, which means that it can be considered a reliable and socially responsible broker.

Table of Contents

Based on the information presented, it is safe to conclude that Лайм ФХ is a secure and safe platform. If you want to look at some Лайм ФХ alternatives that might better fit your needs, we list and compare some of the best Лайм ФХ alternatives further down this Лайм ФХ review. Remember, Лайм ФХ needs to be your partner in your trading journey.

The newer version of the MetaTrader platform suite, MT5 is being adopted by more traders all the time. MT5 incorporates all of the key features of MT4 and an optimised environment for EA trading. Pro-Cent and Pro-Standard new account users receive a welcome bonus of 30 USD after depositing a minimum of 10 USD via bank card. Cent and Standard users can also benefit from the 60% Profit Share Bonus and up to 120% on deposits by claiming the Classic Bonus. In conjunction with third-party provider, Claws and Horns, Лайм ФХ’s educational and market analysis materials are well-organized and in-depth, a real benefit to beginner traders. Лайм ФХ caters to most international traders, including clients from Latin American countries, middle Asia, and the Arab world.

Лайм ФХ are known for their very high order execution speeds, especially when compared to some other brokers. Copying the trades of a CopyFX trader with a max drawdown over 50% is considered high risk. CopyFX trades with a max drawdown limefx broker reviews of around 30% are considered moderate risks. These values are just indicators; you must do your due diligence regarding the real risk levels. Listening to what their customers want Лайм ФХ released the CopyFX trading platform.

is Лайм ФХ an ecn broker

They are less common than an ECN account, but many traders prefer them for secure trades. The differences between ECN and STP brokers may seem small but crucial. Essentially, they are not Market Makers and do not provide liquidity to their traders. As a general rule, ECN brokers charge commissions for each trade placed. The ECN pricing model might favor traders with higher trading frequency and volume, while it might be more expensive for low-volume retail traders. The most attractive feature of the ECN account is its tighter spreads which start from as low as 0 pips.


There are different trading base currencies available to traders using the Лайм ФХ platform. These currencies include AUD, CAD, CHF, CNH, EUR, GBP, JPY, MXN, NZD, PLN, PLN, USD, and ZAR. The bulk of the negative reviews come from many years back, while most of the positive reviews are in recent years. This trend from negative to positive reviews would suggest that Лайм ФХ has improved its customer service over the years.

The magazine provides the reader with up- to date news, reviews, opinions and polls on leading brands across the globe. My manager is professional and polite, always answering my questions very quickly. It also offers MT4 and MT5, a comparison of the platforms can be viewed here. The third promotional offer from Лайм ФХ is called the Classic Bonus program and it pays up to 115% deposit bonus, up to $50,000. Since its inception in 2009, Лайм ФХ has been gradually gaining popularity among Forex traders.

What is Лайм ФХ? 📚

As we have already noted, Лайм ФХ strives to be an international Forex broker. Because of this, it is vital for the company to access traders of all backgrounds. As you might already know, according to Sharia law of the Quran, those who follow Islamic beliefs are not able to pay or receive any type of interest rate, which includes swaps.

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